About Icarus Design

The story of Icarus is both a cautionary tale and a tale of supreme achievement. A tale of man’s temperament and man’s creativity.

Sporting wings fashioned by Daedalus his father, Icarus discovered the exhilaration of flight.

Daedalus had crafted the wings to his best ability, and warned Icarus of their design limits. But Icarus became intoxicated with his freedom, forgot all caution and fell to his death.

We have adopted Icarus as the patron saint of designers. A reminder that our work is about people: their physical and psychological needs.

Design need not be earthbound but it must be rooted in humanity. The challenge of design is to encompass the aspirations, motivations and limitations of those whom it must serve.

Icarus Design is an Adelaide based design studio with a broad range of skills in brand strategy and communication design, digital design, marketing and industrial design. We work with you or your in-house staff providing complementary skills to ensure the best team for your project.

Graphic design and digital design services include the production of printed, digital and three dimensional communication materials and the design and programming of on-line communications including web, mobile, social media and interactive. Product design (industrial design) services cover all aspects of new product development including 3D models, prototypes, instructions and manuasl, and production.

This unusual mix of technical and creative services makes us particularly useful to businesses marketing technical products, distributors of industrial product ranges, businesses producing product catalogues, and on-line shops, and manufacturers.

Icarus Design traditionally places project emphasis on communication, functional aspects and economic effectiveness of designs. It also demonstrates considerable skills in the aesthetic, decorative, illustrative and visual areas of design.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Icarus has a stable team of qualified designers with broad interests and skills. This ensures great flexibility when choosing the optimum range of services required for a project. Comprehensive in-house skills allow for rapid response when deadlines are tight.