Australian Medicines Handbook

Online Resource

Australian Medicines Handbook provides practical, reliable, comparative medicines information resources for health professionals.

Having initially been involved in designing the style guide for the 1000 page handbook, Icarus was asked to instil those same design details to the online resource which had stagnated under the weight of it’s own content.

We established an online menu structure that provided the necessary clues for health professionals to search out the correct information quickly, without being overwhelmed with the volume of information contained within the online resource.

A detailed Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) for the online resource was generated. Complimenting the existing handbook’s style guide, the online resource provided a synergy that was both familiar and functional.

We also created a new user interface for the mobile version of the website. Rather than creating a cut down version of the site, we prioritised the order of menu items so users could intuitively find information quickly on the go.


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Adelaide, South Australia